Concast India has a dedicated team of designers, engineers, metallurgists and commissioning assistants wholly responsible for revamps and modernizations. Concast India undertakes surveys of installed casting machines, prepares exhaustive reports on the condition and suitability, and undertakes refurbishing, revamping and modernizing of casting machines, before commissioning them to produce excellent cast products.

The services provided by Concast India include:

Assessment and preparation of exhaustive reports:
This includes auditing the existing machine and assessing its suitability, followed by an exhaustive report with clear and precise recommendations.

Refurbishment and modernization:
The below-par parts and assemblies are refurbished, and new components and equipments of latest design are added to make a machine as good as new.

Erection and Commissioning Services:
The refurbished machine is erected and commissioned within the stipulated deadline to minimize downtime.